Photo of the day: Fishing Village

When I travelled to Ghana I had the opportunity to visit a fishing village in the coast of Takoradi. At a first glance, especially for westerners the village feels depressing and poor since they don't have the essential needs of a household such as electricity and water. And they were living in huts made by … Continue reading Photo of the day: Fishing Village

Episode 2: Hephaestus

Hello everyone:) Here you can find the newest episode of my podcast Heroes and Myths, Hephaestus. Heroes and myths is a podcast of mythology, history, and social criticism. With the help of mythological figures or heroes from ancient Greece, Cyprus, and the Middle East, I introduce specific social issues and their evolution throughout history. On … Continue reading Episode 2: Hephaestus

Decorations and lights

Usually at his tie of the year, the whole world is getting prepared for Christmas. Christmas markets take over the cities and decorative lights bring a festive mood. Two years ago, I spent my Christmas holidays in Vienna, Austria and I think until now it is my favourite city during this time. As the City … Continue reading Decorations and lights

Photo of the day: Shaolin Temple

When I travelled to China I had the chance to visit the Shaolin Monastery, the place Kung Fu was established. The monastery at Zhengzhou is the main temple of the Shaolin school of Buddhism and it is visited by thousands of people yearly. However, instead of from the excellence of the monastery, and the majestic … Continue reading Photo of the day: Shaolin Temple

Photo of the day: Bournemouth

Winter is getting closer and I feel nostalgic. I miss sunny days. Bournemouth is certainly one of my favourite cities, mainly because of the beach. I guess if you can't go to a hot country with beautiful beaches (like this year) it is the best option for swimming and relaxing at the white sandy beach. … Continue reading Photo of the day: Bournemouth

Episode 1: Aphrodite

Hello everyone! I have just published the first episode on my podcast Heroes and Myths. The podcast is a combination of history, mythology, and discussions on current social issues. It is a comparison and a study on the evolution of certain issues. The first episode is an introduction to the podcast's goal and purpose. As … Continue reading Episode 1: Aphrodite


Cautiously you walk at the edge of the coastthe water comes up to your kneesit’s cold and refreshingYou stay there for a whileabsorbing the sea’s scent and coldnessBravely you take another step and anotherthe water feels warmer and sweeterBefore you know it, you’re floatingYou only see bluethe turquoise blue of the sea and the azure … Continue reading Blue

Lake District

Lake District is a mountainous region and national park with beautiful lakes, valleys and woodlands. It has amazing views and it is perfect for those who love hiking. There are several pathways all over the park but also there are many small towns one can visit and have a nice warm cuppa. If you are … Continue reading Lake District

Photo of the day: Public Transportation

The experience of public transportation can vary from country to country or even from city to city. Sometimes you encounter luxurious buses and trains from a futuristic movie and others you go back in time at least half a century. In Ghana it was quite the unique experience. Public transportation within a city were tiny … Continue reading Photo of the day: Public Transportation

Top 5 beaches

Cyprus has various types of beaches. From golden and pebbly sandy to rocky and cliffy shores or busy long strips of beaches and private havens. Also, you can find quiet and calm waters or wild and untamed seafronts. In Cyprus, tourists can visit some of the best beaches in Europe. Here are the top 5 … Continue reading Top 5 beaches

Photo of the day: Crete

Crete is the largest island of Greece and fourth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is home to one of the oldest civilisations of the world and frankly it was the beginning of the ancient Greek civilisation as we know it today. The island has amazing destinations whether that is natural attractions, or historical … Continue reading Photo of the day: Crete

Photo of the day: Sculpture Park

A beautiful attraction at Ayia Napa worth visiting is the Sculpture Park. The park is located on the Kavo Gkreko (Cape Greco) Avenue and has hundreds of stone statutes from various artists around the world. It is open 24/7, and the entrance is free. If you are an art and a sea lover, then there … Continue reading Photo of the day: Sculpture Park

Temples, Amphitheatres, and Castles

Since I was a child I loved history and it was one of my favourite subjects in school. Naturally, I am more familiar with the history of my region's which is the Middle East and East Mediterranean. And of course, I am more familiar with the history of Cyprus the Greek civilisation in general. Unfortunately, … Continue reading Temples, Amphitheatres, and Castles

Photo of the day: Mount Troodos

Mount Troodos is the tallest mountain in Cyprus. In summer, it gives cool temperatures and most Cypriots escape there to avoid the scorching hot weather. In winter the top of the hills are covered with white snow and everyone can enjoy building a snowman, playing snowball or even skiing and snowboarding. Furthermore, Troodos has hundreds … Continue reading Photo of the day: Mount Troodos

Walking Tours: Bratislava

I know we are living at a time travel guides are kind of meaningless since we cannot travel at the moment, but here is a rough guide on the free walking tour in Bratislava, Slovakia. Traveling to another country means exploring and discovering new cultures, monuments, history, and lifestyle. The tourism industry is full of … Continue reading Walking Tours: Bratislava

Photo of the day: Sunderland

When I was 5, I went on my first journey abroad. Until today I remember the entire trip, from the feeling of being in an airport to being in the air and then landing, taking a train, and experiencing a completely different culture, language, and country. My first trip was in the UK, which now … Continue reading Photo of the day: Sunderland

The Abandoned Hotel of Berengaria

At the highest point of the mountain of Troodos in Cyprus, hidden in tall pine trees, you'll come across the mysterious and once upon a time luxurious hotel of Berengaria. The hotel opened in 1931, and it was the jewel of Cyprus. It was a luxurious hotel that hosted Kings, Presidents, and top businessmen. Berengaria … Continue reading The Abandoned Hotel of Berengaria

Top 7 Cyprus

1. Jewel of the Mediterranean Sea Cape Greco Tourists love the scorching temperatures of July and August. Furthermore, Cyprus's clear sea is undoubtedly the attraction nobody can't deny its beauty. The crystal-clear blue waters, the golden sandy beaches, the remarkable sea caves, and rocky shores are brilliant and admired both by locals and tourists. 2. … Continue reading Top 7 Cyprus

Photo of the day: Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a magical city, and during Christmas time, the magic comes to life. It is a beautiful city. In general, Scotland is absolutely fantastic. While in Edinburgh, I felt I was in a different country. The architecture, the streets, the people, everything felt different from England, but in a good way. I believe Edinburgh … Continue reading Photo of the day: Edinburgh

Photo of the day: Bratislava

Bratislava is a hidden little gem in central Europe. It is Slovakia's capital, and although it is perhaps one of the smallest capitals in Europe, it offers incredible sights. The colourful medieval streets, the cathedrals of various architectural styles, as well as the remains of the communist era, such as the UFO bridge, are extraordinary … Continue reading Photo of the day: Bratislava

Mikulov: a photo story

Mikulov is a small town in Breclav District in the South Moravian region and it borders Austria. It may be a small town but it has a significant part in Czech Republic's history. In the more recent history of the country, Mikulov had a significant amount of Jewish population who during War World 2 were … Continue reading Mikulov: a photo story

Bournemouth Pier: a photo story

Sometimes you only have a short walk but you are so fascinated by the view you can't stop taking photos. During my visit at Bournemouth I just couldn't stop taking photos of the beautiful sea and the pier. It was a windy day but it was beautiful. Enjoy! Bournemouth Pier Bournemouth Pier Bournemouth Bournemouth Thanks … Continue reading Bournemouth Pier: a photo story

People being humans

The current situation in the world showed us how no matter our background, lifestyle, status etc. we are all humans with the same bodies, minds, souls, and spirits. It is easy to forget what it means being a human but I believe travelling does give us the opportunity to rediscover humanity. Advance technology and globalization … Continue reading People being humans

Photo of the day: Lisbon

Lisbon is one of my favourites cities in Europe. I felt that Lisbon is a good balance for a luxurious and a casual vacation. Strolling around the street of the city you get to experience the beauty of the colourful azulejos in every building and the ordinary life of the people. At Lisbon you can … Continue reading Photo of the day: Lisbon

Myths and Heroes

Apart from the party-loving islands, beautiful beaches, and amazing monuments, Greece is also known for the often dramatic myths of gods, and heroes. Cyprus has been part of the Greek civilisation for thousands of years, thus many Greek myths take part on the island. Many of you may be familiar with the Pygmalion effect. But … Continue reading Myths and Heroes

English lifestyle

Growing up, depending on our environment, we gain certain stereotypes. Sometimes they are positive and others negative. As a child, I remember seeing England as the country of red. All the pictures of England would show the red buses, the red telephone booths, and the red-brick houses. Although these are indeed very stereotypical when in … Continue reading English lifestyle

Top 7 Cyprus: travel like a local

Hello everyone, Today I took another step in my travel writing career. I published my first eBook and I would be very grateful if you could support me. Cyprus is a popular destination and the reasons tourists visit Cyprus are a combination of climate, culture, and history. In this eBook we will be discussing the … Continue reading Top 7 Cyprus: travel like a local

The lonely tree

In the area of Cape Greco in Cyprus, there is a tree that could easily be the most photographed tree on the island. Unfortunately, climate change is affecting greatly Cyprus. Long droughts have been ongoing thus, all trees in Cyprus are precious. This particular tree might not look spectacular but being one of only trees … Continue reading The lonely tree