Blue Summer

Sometimes we associate certain things with specific colours. For instance, I always associated summer with blue. Coming from an island, the sea was always part of my life. So, naturally for me summer was all about sandy beaches, waves, swimming, surfing, sailing, or boating.

However, not all countries have the sea, and even if they do they are not necessarily safe for swimming. But, living in the Czech Republic I experienced for the first time a different kind of blue. A different kind of summer.

In the Czech Republic, I was living in the city of Brno which is the second biggest city in the country. Not too far from the city centre there is Brno Reservoir, a dam on the Svratka River, that is used as a recreational area. The dam is visited all year round and visitors can swim safely in its waters, go for a boat ride, sailing, canoeing, water skiing, yachting, or rowing.

Furthermore, the reservoir is surrounded by trees and over a rock there is Veveri Castle. It’s the perfect destination for water sports, hiking, cycling and exploring the region’s history.


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