A smile

Today, I was asked why I always smile to every single thing that I am told. Usually, I don’t feel offended by any comments or remarks, not even if they shower me with the most unattractive words. However, today I felt wronged when people mocked my smiling habit. Certainly, I do understand that it’s not always appropriate to smile, but on a daily basis I believe it is important to give a smile to everyone. After all, for someone your smile could have been the best thing they saw on that day. A smile is more powerful than people think.

Generally, I am a quiet person and as an introvert sometimes I find it difficult to approach people and start conversations. So, often my smile is my biggest ally and weapon. Furthermore, I do feel like a smile is more than just a smile. For some it can be a mask to hide their true emotions, for others it’s their genuine feelings of happiness and joy, and other times a smile is a habit of politeness and good manners.

Today, I really felt bad when others asked me why I always smile. In my mind I was thinking “Should I have been crying rather than smiling?”. It made me feel as if I was doing something wrong. The entire day I was feeling a burden in my heart. I was thinking that maybe I was too happy when I shouldn’t.

To clear my mind I went on a walk along the beach. The day today was quite gloomy but even though it was cloudy at the horizon you could see the blue sky. I realised that was what my smile can do to someone’s life. It can be someone’s blue sky during a cloudy day.

So, even if you come out as the smiley and silly person among your friends don’t mind it. Because in the end you are the happiest or even the one who changes people’s lives.

Thank for reading and don’t forget to spread love to the world:)

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