Troodos: The Highest Mountain in Cyprus

Everyone knows Cyprus as an exotic island with breath-taking sandy beaches and hot burning sun. Perfect for vacations and holidays to bathe in turquoise waters, built mini castles in the white sand of the beautiful beaches, and get a golden tan. But, Cyprus is not only about the sea. Cyprus, also has the mountain range of Troodos which in summer time is the perfect location to escape the scorning sun and relax and in winter time you get to enjoy skiing or snow-boarding.

Troodos has many picturesque traditional villages and many monasteries, churches and chapels to explore. Furthermore, for those who would like to discover agrotourism in Cyprus, then you would love to visit the numerous vineyards, or cherry orchards, olive groves and other fruit farms. 

On the way to the top
Ayios Demetrios
Side Note: Climate Change is real
View from the top

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