The Top 5 Beaches in Cyprus

Lately, I’ve been experimenting and trying different writing styles and sharing my feelings or thoughts on certain issues. So, I haven’t been really posting any travel stories, guides or photo stories. Therefore, since I am finally back to my beautiful country of Cyprus, I decided to show you the five best beaches on the island that anyone would fall in love with:)

Here are the top 5 beaches on the island.

1.Nissi Beach

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Nissi beach

Nissi beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island. It is a beach resort in Ayia Napa, a town in the district of Famagusta. Nissi means island, and it is called so because of the tiny uninhabited islet across the beach’s shore. Nissi stretches approximately a half kilometre and holds a blue flag, meaning the waters are of a high environmental and quality standard. The beach is safe to swim and perfect for families. When the tide is low, people can also walk to the islet to explore and appreciate the resort’s view from a different angle.

Nissi is probably the busiest beach in Cyprus. So, to avoid the crowd and enjoy the scenery of the clear shallow waters and the view of the tiny islet, then the early hours are the best time to go. It is also the best beach to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea’s wonderfully turquoise and warm waters while having a local beer. The resort has a beach bar that always has music on, creating the best summer vibes for all. Often the resort has beach parties or other events with famous DJs and singers.


2. Makronissos Beach

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Makronissos Beach

Makronissos is another famous beach in the town of Ayia Napa. It is a long strip of glittering white sand with beautiful azure waters. The area was formerly a reef making it perfect for the curious and adventurous people who love exploring sea life. However, here you can also explore the sharp edges of reef rocks on the shore rather than inside the sea. Cyprus was once underneath the sea, even on the ground, there are compelling discoveries. Furthermore, a fascinating sight is that from above the coasts of Makronissos and the adjacent beach of Dome, visitors can see the form of a dolphin’s tail.

But here at Makronissos, the natural world blends with history. At the edge of the beach, there are the ancient tombs of Makronissos. The graves are from the Hellenistic and Roman era. In total, there are 19 rock-cut tombs, a sanctuary, and a quarry. Makronissos is the best place for those interested in both history and the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. Visitors can experience both outstanding seascapes and Cyprus’ history.

3. Fig Tree Beach

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Fig Tree Beach

Fig tree bay is a beach in the area of Protaras at Paralimni, Famagusta. Marvellous fig-trees surround the bay, hence the name of the beach. There is a tiny islet with shallow waters and wild vegetation across the coast. Tourists can swim to the islet within 10-15 minutes from the shore. At the islet, people can explore the deep waters around the islet.

Tourists often vote Fig Tree bay as one of Europe’s and the world’s best beaches. That is to be expected considering the remarkably crystal-clear cerulean waters and the golden sand of the beach. The outstanding views of Fig Tree bay is a must for everyone. The resort also offers water sports such as wakeboarding and towable rides. Though, I believe parasailing at this beautiful beach will give visitors the best views.


4. Konnos Beach

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Konnos Beach

Konnos beach is in between Ayia Napa and Paralimni. It is a little cove hidden by tall cliffs, and the view from the top is magnificent. The beach is a gorgeous white sandy haven with clear turquoise waters. Since cliffs surround it, the sea is always calm and quiet. It is perfect for families with children to enjoy swimming.

Konnos beach is the beginning of the Cape Greco area. The views at Cape Greco are stunning and is unquestionably a must-visit for every tourist.

5. Blue Lagoon (Akamas)

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Blue Lagoon

The blue lagoon at Akamas is probably Cyprus’s natural treasure. Akamas is part of UNESCO World Heritage, and there is no human-made infrastructure. For this reason, the preservation of the beach is incredible. It is an excellent spot for people who love snorkelling and exploring.

Access to the beach is only possible with a 4×4 vehicle or a boat. So, it is quite an adventure to reach the blue lagoon.


Thanks for reading:)

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