Shades of Green

Green is a colour we should all love. It is the colour of nature. The colour of trees, bushes, plants, and earth. Without it, we simply cannot live. It provides us oxygen, water, food, and shelter. However, humans are greedy and forgetful. The earth has given us and still gives us so many blessings. Yet, we often forget them like children who often forget to be grateful to their parents for everything they did and gave them. The earth is our mother, and we should protect her. The world has changed much. Urbanisation and deforestation are just two of the main issues of environmental issues. Humans indeed have evolved to be superior in many ways, but that doesn’t mean we are not part of nature. We are still part of the animal kingdom, and we still need nature as much as other animal species. Therefore, we are certainly not superior when it comes to needs such as food and shelter or oxygen and water. Thus, we need to protect our mother, the earth.

I’ve always loved nature, that’s why I decided to study environmental science. Since then, I have learned a lot, and my mindset has changed. Nowadays, although I don’t practice environmental science, I still love nature, and I do whatever I can to help our environment. As I am temporarily back home to Cyprus, I can see the difference in our natural world more clearly. I can see the dramatic climatic changes. The temperatures are much higher. The long golden wheat fields surrounding my house are now gone. Now, there are other social amenities and infrastructure in their place. All the rivers are almost dry, and most dams are only half full. Unfortunately, my country is very backwards in terms of preserving and protecting our environment. Certainly, we are trying, but we are still not efficient.

Hopefully, one day my country and the world, in general, will think twice before deciding on cutting another tree.

We should all love the colour green because it is the colour of life.


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Published by Lydia M.

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6 thoughts on “Shades of Green

  1. Hi!
    How are you doing? I hope you’re enjoying yourself in Cyprus. I really love that you wrote this piece titled β€œshades of green”. Corrections: > > Surely, since then I have learned a lot and my has mindset changed. >
    > As I am temporarily back home (to*) in Cyprus >
    I hope this helps you with future writing. I admire your persistency and commitment in writing, it will take you far so keep it up!
    Best of wishes,
    Daniel Lenters

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