Photo of the day: Sea

Perhaps because I was born on an island, I prefer the sea rather than the mountains. When I want to calm down, or even release my anger and frustration I have the need to go to the beach and gaze at the calm or wild waves of the beautiful sea. The song of the waves … Continue reading Photo of the day: Sea

Mermaids and dolphins

It is no secret that I love the sea. Coming from Cyprus summer always meant blue sea, sunny days and watermelons. I never realised that not everyone went to the beach or collected sea shells during summer. Only when I lived abroad in colder countries, and countries that didn't even have sea I realised that … Continue reading Mermaids and dolphins

Summer Vibes

Summer is a little bit late this year considering everything that happened are still happening in this world. But it's time to get into it don't you think? To celebrate summer here are some summer photos from different parts of the world! Ayia Triada Bay, Cyprus Sunderland, UK Chania, Crete, Greece Cape Coast, Ghana Tongyeong, … Continue reading Summer Vibes